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High & Mighty<br>Jazz Ensemble, Level IV<br><em>by Jeff Jarvis</em>

(Level IV) High & Mighty - Serving as the title track of a Cal State Long Beach Concert Jazz Orchestra recording, this work was inspired by the composerís first trip over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The music depicts the majestic span from the vantage point of a bird flying overhead. The flight begins in the early morning as the sun rises over the Berkeley hills. Soon you hear the hurried rush hour commuters, complete with horns honking and the thumping of tires going over expansion seams in the pavement. Eventually, the music transitions to a calmer midday traffic flow. To suggest a feeling of height and open space, quartal and suspended harmonies are organized into chord rows. Angular melodies with abrupt interval leaps are used to represent powerful wind currents affecting the birdís flight amidst the 3-foot thick steel cables of the suspension bridge. 8 Brass

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