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Celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2009, New York Voices is the Grammy Award winning vocal ensemble renowned for their excellence in jazz and the art of group singing. Like the great groups that have come before, such as Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Singers Unlimited, and Manhattan Transfer, they have learned from the best and taken the art form to new levels. Their interests are rooted in jazz, but often Brazilian, R and B, classical, and pop influences are infused with equal creativity and authenticity.

UNC Jazz Press is pleased to offer more than 25 of the New York Voices' classic arrangements. Though challenging, these arrangements will certainly be rewarding for any ensemble and bring a smile to the audience's face!
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Giant Steps, Download PDF<em> by Darmon Meader/Peter Eldridge/Kim Nazarian</em> Open Invitation,<em> by Darmon Meader/Lauren Kinhan</em> Giant Steps,<em> by Darmon Meader/Peter Eldridge/Kim Nazarian</em>
National Amnesia,<em> by Darmon Meader/Sarah Krieger</em> Now Or Never,<em> by Darmon Meader/Peter Eldridge/Caprice Fox/Kim Nazarian/Sarah Krieger/Jon Werking</em> Baroque Samba,<em> by Darmon Meader</em>
Street Party,<em> by Peter Eldridge</em> Now That Love Is Over,<em> by Darmon Meader/Caprice Fox/Kim Nazarian/Sarah Krieger</em> Silence Of Time,<em> by Darmon Meader/Caprice Fox</em>
Desafinado,<em> by Darmon Meader</em> Desafinado,<em> by Darmon Meader</em> Do You Wanna Know What I Want,<em> by Darmon Meader/Eve Nelson/Lauren Kinhan</em>
Prelude/Interlude,<em> by Peter Eldridge</em> Sign Of Spring,<em> by Darmon Meader/Kim Nazarian</em> Soon One Day,<em> by Darmon Meader/Caprice Fox/Robert Sadin/Peter Chwazik</em>
The Sultan Fainted,<em> by Darmon Meader/Peter Eldridge</em> To Dare The Moon,<em> by Darmon Meader/Caprice Fox/Sarah Krieger</em> Who Knows,<em> by Darmon Meader/Caprice Fox/Jon Werking</em>
Modinha,<em> by Darmon Meader</em> Me and Julio,<em> by Darmon Meader</em> Overs,<em> by Peter Eldridge</em>
Modinha, by Darmon Meader
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Overs, by Peter Eldridge
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