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Try A Little Tenderness - PDF Download 16 Copies SATB,<em> by Deke Sharon</em> Rock the Boat - PDF Download 5 Copies TTBB,<em> by Deke Sharon</em> The Water Is Wide - PDF Download 16 Copies,<em> by Yumiko Matsuoka</em>
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - PDF Download SATB 16 copies with rhythm,<em> by Jeremy Fox</em> Come Fly With Me - PDF Download 16 copies,<em> by Deke Sharon</em> Moondance - PDF Download - 16 Copies,<em> by Deke Sharon</em>, SSATB a cappella
Gold Else,<em> by Jack Cooper</em> O Holy Night,<em> by A. Patrick Rose</em> I Saw Three Ships,<em> by A. Patrick Rose</em>
Gold Else, by Jack Cooper
Our Price: $65.00
Come All Ye Faithful,<em> by A. Patrick Rose</em> Do You Hear What I Hear?,<em> by A. Patrick Rose</em> Christmas as a Child,<em> by A. Patrick Rose</em>
Come Fly With Me,<em> by Deke Sharon</em> Moondance,<em> by Deke Sharon</em>,SSATB a cappella To You,<em> by Sharon Broadley</em>
Straighten Up and Fly Right, Jazz Choir with Large Jazz Ensemble and Strings<em> by Jed Scott</em> Teach Me Tonight,<em> by Jack Cooper</em> Rock the Boat,<em> by Deke Sharon</em>
Mr. Flat Five,<em> by Sharon Broadley</em> The Water Is Wide,<em> by Yumiko Matsuoka</em> In a Mellow Tone,<em> by Darmon Meader</em>
Moondance,<em> by Tom Ajack</em> In a Mellow Tone,<em> Darmon Meader</em> Try A Little Tenderness,<em> by Deke Sharon</em>
Moondance, by Tom Ajack
Our Price: $45.00
Street Party,<em> by Peter Eldridge</em> Desafinado,<em> by Darmon Meader</em> Desafinado,<em> by Darmon Meader</em>
Everybody's Boppin',<em> by Mark Mazur</em> Straighten Up and Fly Right, SATB w BB, <em> by Jed Scott</em> Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,<em> by Jeremy Fox</em>
Summer Burn,<em> by Sharon Broadley</em> Whisper Not,<em> by Marion Linton</em> Lucky to be Me,<em> by Jed Scott</em>
Some Other Time,<em> by Jed Scott</em> Whisper Not - SATB,<em> by Michele Weir</em> Straighten Up and Fly Right, SATB w Rhythm, <em> by Jed Scott</em>
Teach Me Tonight,<em> by Kirk Marcy</em>