UNC Jazz Press - Shipping Information

Shipping charges will be immediately calculated via online orders. Orders placed by telephone, fax, or email will have shipping costs added to the invoice. You will receive an email confirming the order and showing all costs including shipping charges. Please note that once the order is shipped, UNC Jazz Press has no control over when it is delivered. The delivery date is estimated by the courier service you have selected. If no shipping method is specified, your order will automatically be sent via Federal Express Ground Service, or International Courier. Please remember to include an accurate phone number on all orders.

Federal Express: Our standard shipping method for all domestic orders weighing more than one pound. This takes typically five business days to ship. Arrival date will vary depending on package destination. Several of the most common options are listed below, and will need to be specified by the customer upon completion of order.

Priority Overnight: This is the fastest available option for shipping. It is also the costliest. It will provide shipping to most destinations on Saturdays as well.

Standard Overnight: This option is less costly than priority and typically ships overnight. This does not include weekends.

Economy (2-Day): This option provides 2-day shipping to most destinations and is less costly than standard. This does not include weekends.

Ground/Home Shipping (3-4 day): This option provides 3-day shipping to most destinations and is less costly than economy. This does not include weekends.

FedEx International: This option is best for expedited international shipments. Time of shipping will vary depending on package destination. Please keep in mind that your country will charge import fees in addition to what we charge for shipping to your country. Our product is a commodity that does have value. As such your country will require import fees. Thank you.

APO Shipping: We are unable to ship to APO addresses. The labor and ability to collect the correct fees are prohibitive. We are sorry for any inconvenience.