UNC Jazz Press - Ordering Information

Additional vocal jazz charts and replacement instrumental parts can be ordered for $5.00 for each part.  Additional scores cost $7.00 for each copy.   Please indicate that you would like to order additional vocal jazz charts and/or replacement instrumental parts by entering this information into the 'Additional Info' field at order checkout. We will update your order total accordingly upon receiving these instructions.

Perusal copies are only available for both vocal and instrumental jazz music. The vocal perusal consists of approximately half the charts, whereas the instrumental perusal consists of a few pages of the score. If the score is not available for an instrumental title, then no perusal score will be provided. No perusals of Swingle arrangements are available. Please contact the UNC Jazz office to obtain perusal copies.

-Reading Sessions
Music is available for reading sessions. You will be given ¾ of the chart to read through. Please contact the UNC Jazz Studies office for more information regarding music for reading sessions.

-Swingle Arrangements
All Swingle octavos are sold as singles, not in packs of 16. Instrumental sets are sold independently from all accompanied arrangements and must be ordered separately. There are no free copies of Swingle arrangements. You must buy one copy for your perusal needs.

Issues with Orders
Any missing parts, missing scores, or order issues must be reported within 10 days of receipt of the original product. Please email orders@uncjazzpress.com or call (970) 351-2492.